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Who We Are

We are defined by our commitment to quality design, quality manufacturing and quality people creating together.

Founded in 2002, CDR has become a global leader in designing and manufacturing world-class & exceptionally innovative patient positioning systems and associated consumables to radiation oncology centers of all sizes.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, CDR Systems designs and manufactures innovative patient positioning and immobilization products. We are dedicated to providing superior outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers around the world. Our products play a vital role in the accuracy of a cancer patients Radiotherapy treatment.

Whether you are a freestanding cancer center or a hospital-based healthcare provider, CDR Systems is able to deliver leading-edge solutions.

About CDR

Patient Positioning Systems, designed with the planet in mind.

On August 9, 2018, CDR Systems continued our tradition of market leading innovation by accomplishing our long term goal of offsetting 100% of the electricity used in our entire operations with Solar Power. We are extremely proud to say that through our green energy initiative, when you choose CDR products, you are making the clear choice for improved clinical workflow and the right choice for our environment. A responsibility we take seriously at CDR. From myself and the entire CDR team, we thank our customers – present and future – who demand environmental leadership from the medical device companies they partner with.

On behalf of the entire CDR family, we are honored to share our environmental leadership with you.

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Everything we create is a system of solutions designed and crafted with you in mind.

What We Believe

At CDR Systems, we are your go-to solutions maker.

We talk to our clients, clinicians, care workers and care innovators continually. Those of you who use our products every day. We want to create better experiences and better outcomes with you. We are constantly asking: “How can we make your lives better”?

CDR is all about solutions… it’s the way we think, what we do, and how we create.

We care that solutions equal results. We can help you achieve these for your patients with great accuracy. How do we do this?

By making products that are complex yet simple. A multi-functional approach means that one device acts as many. Our products are streamlined where anything that is not relevant or useful is eliminated. What is left is highly accurate.

And our systems are strong but equally ultra-light. They have the strength of steel but weigh less than a bag of sugar. The low density allows for exceptional accuracy.

We are people-centric.

Our products are simple, easy to use, efficientand accurate.

Why Should You Care?

Because we care to do better for you.

Designing Patient Positioning Systems that are practical, functional, streamlined, efficient, accurate and light are just features. If we can create products that allow you to do your job better, with more accuracy and ease of setup, then you can be more productive and more efficient.

Our systems are easy. There is no heavy lifting required. Patient Positioning Systems designed with you in mind.

“The Freedom System provides our patients with superior levels of comfort and allows 33% faster setup and treatment times compared to our previous method. We recommend the Freedom System.”

Li et al of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA (Clinical experience with two frameless stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) systems using optical surface imaging for motion monitoring – Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics Vol16 #4)