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Revolutionizing Treatment Delivery with EQUILIBRIUM™

Experience a new level of treatment accuracy and patient care through EQUILIBRIUM™, the innovative rotatable couchtop designed to provide effortless 180 degree patient rotation.

When Design
Meets Function

Equilibrium™ Is an exciting new technology allowing for controlled 360° degree rotation about the central axis of a patient. Initially developed for VMAT TBI / TMI. Equilibrium™ employs technology to keep the therapists and patients safe at all times as they do what was previously never possible, so efficiently.

Key Features

> Low density throughout.
> Integrated indexing points.
> Wall mount compatible.
> Self-locking.
> Compatible with any indexing system.
> Available: MR Compatible.
> Custom lengths are available upon request.

*Optional: VariLock – +/-5° degree of yaw adjustment

EQ-205-1Equilibrium™ Standard Overlay Package – 205cm1 pkg.

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EQ-205-KEquilibrium™ Standard Overlay Package – 205cm – MR Compatible1 pkg.

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EQ-205Equilibrium™ Standard Rotation Overlay System – 205cm1 ea.

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EQ-190Equilibrium™ Rotation Overlay System – 190cm1 ea.
EQ-WMEquilibrium™ Standard Overlay Wall Mount1 ea.

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VB-100200F100Vacuum Lock Cushion 100x200cm 100 Fill for whole body1 ea.

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IB06-BA-BXVacuum Lock™ Indexer 4 Point attaches to Standard Indexing Bars1 ea.

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MR Compatible

Most of our products are available in MR Compatible version.
Click here to download MR Compatible products details or contact us for more information.

We offer live streaming or onsite demonstrations.