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Total Body Irradiation (TBI) is an essential part of bone marrow transplant conditioning. It has been shown to eliminate residual chemotherapy resistant cancer cells and provides additional immunosuppression to enhance engraftment. TBI is combined with chemotherapy to enhance dose intensity of the preparative regimen while avoiding overlapping toxicity that may occur with high dose, multi drug regimens without radiation. The goal of TBI is to deliver a homogeneous dose of radiation to the body.


Standardizing the delivery of TBI with its own patient positioning technique can help alleviate some challenges around providing treatment. Our Total Body Irradiation Patient Positioning system will be lightweight, accurate and easy for the administering medical staff to operate, while being comfortable and safe for the patient.

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The Tom Baker Cancer Centre has one of the largest Total Body Irradiation programs in Canada. Highly experienced with the challenges of their TBI delivery process, the centre’s Senior Medical Physicist, Dr. Greg Pierce, along with his team designed and pieced together their own homemade, patient-centric technique. Their design worked quite well within the centre and began to garner attention from other practitioners across the country. Seeing the need for a commercial version that could standardize procedures for TBI delivery, Dr. Pierce reached out to us as a global leader in innovative patient positioning systems.

At CDR Systems, we are committed to the quality design and manufacturing of our solutions, and we believe collaboration is a key to successful innovation. Discrepancies in practice between medical centres can create an opportunity for practitioners and manufacturers to collaborate on ways to vastly improve system consistency and uniformity.

Working closely with Dr. Pierce and his team, we have carefully designed this system and are nearly ready for production. Stay tuned for more on our transformative Total Body Irradiation Patient Positioning System for use around the world.

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