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The FreedomX™ Total Body Precision Patient Immobilization System for SRS, SBRT and more.

The FreedomX™ is a modular-based precision patient positioning system that is directly indexed to any treatment couch. With eight indexable modules that accurately position your patient in the two primary supine configurations, Arms Up or Arms Down.

All patient setup configurations on the FreedomX™ system are optimized for Arc treatments, and all imaging modalities including Cone Beam imaging.

The Sabella Flex™ is a unique patent pending Dual Axis™ design which allows you to adjust posture and provides a much wider range of positions than conventional breast and lung systems.

Optimal chest slope and breast positioning is easily achievable to allow for more accurate and safer treatment options and better patient outcomes. The SaBella Flex™ can be used for breast, pelvis, lung, SBRT and head and neck treatments.

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ProCline™ takes prone breast positioning to a whole new level ensuring your patient is positioned for comfort, safety, ease of reproducibility and treatment optimization for both whole, partial or accelerated partial left and right breast treatments.

CDR has been a global leader in prone breast positioning systems since 2006 with many of our Standard and Superclav prone breast systems in clinical use around the world today.

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